Mnemonic education provides a host of definitive services to all our students who aim to Study abroad in a top university. Each and every service we provide is honed with utmost perfection by top notch professionals. In general, our services can be classified in the following manner.

Mnemonic Services

Education and Guidance counselling : We hold a counselling session with the student who wishes to pursue his education abroad. After careful evaluation of his past records and his current strengths and weakness we come up with an optimal set of colleges that fit his/her needs and requirements.

Profile building : Creating a perfect profile is an art and our highly experienced guidance counsellors have come as close to mastering it as any. We at Mnemonic, carefully assess your profile and build a profile that highlights all your strengths and uniqueness. Thus creating a profile that is impossible to turn down.

Preparing you for the tests : Each student needs to clear a different exam and we are the specialist of all foreign standardised tests. We provide SAT, IELTS, GMAT and GRE coaching and preparation. We have prepped thousands of students over the years who gave gone on to ace their respective examinations.

Extended application services : Once the profile and test results are set, we help our students’ pen down perfect essays and SOPs along with the right LORs. These go a long way in tilting the admission chances in your favour.

Career assessment : Once the application is sent, we use this time for a thorough testing of your personality to find the perfect career session for you. Our expert guidance counsellors are verified MBTI and STRONG users who can delve the depths of your personality and help you make the correct choices for the future.

Interview and visa processes : Once you receive the admission offer. We immaculately prepare you for the personal interviews and provide full support for the Visa applications. Our work is only done when you attend the first lecture of your dream course in your dream college.

Apart from these services who have the Mnemonic trademark Applix portal which keeps a thorough check on your application process and keeps in daily updated. This way a student can be at ease as/she he will always know at what stage his/her application is.

We also provide hourly consultancy for students who needs to just sort out things and find the right path for their future. Our highly expert team of counsellors use their vast experience to help guide the student to the best of his abilities.

Finally, we at mnemonic education work pro bono for deserving students with financial limitations. We strongly believe in education as the uplifting tool for the society and genuinely believe that no deserving student should be devoid of quality education for the lack of funds.