T The quintessential Mnemonic Application Process

Now that you have taken the first steps for realising your dream admission, we at Mnemonic strive our best to make this process as efficient, positive and fun as possible. It’s important to realise that although such applications take careful deliberation and hard work to process, they can also be a highly learning experience for the student where he can learn much more about himself on personal level. We offer a simplified solution to all your admission needs in 8 highly effective steps.

1 The “YOU” Research

Each and Every student is unique for us. We comprehensively council the student initially to carefully access all the strengths and weakness. We then add your personal dream choices to the mix to create the most optimal plan for you.

2 Profile Analysis

After thoroughly evaluating your requirements, strengths, and weaknesses we can create a perfect profile which will help you stand out in the crowd of thousands.

3 Universities Selection

Our expert counsellors have years of experience in the field of education. They not only know the working of each good college inside out but they also have contacts in most of them. This ensure that not only you have a higher Rate of admission but are also eligible for perks like scholarships and stipends.

4 Branding You

If we take away your grades and test scores, then who are you? Our unique and highly personalized strategy to brand your co-scholastic activities and honours are the perfect way to answer this question.

5 Writing Compelling Essays

An essay provides you the perfect platform to convey your individuality to the admission officers. Our adept team of writers can help you pen the perfect essay.

6 Recommendation Letters

Getting the right LOR from the right person can significantly increase your chances of getting the admission and assist you the finding the just perfect person for this job.

7 Submitting Perfect Applications

Once we have created the perfect application for you, we double and triple check the whole thing for any mistakes. We pride ourselves in the top quality of out applications which all but ensure that you are selected even before we send them.

8 Acing the Interview

As most colleges require a personal interview as the final hurdle, we at Mnemonic education provide a comprehensive interview training which will help you throughout your professional life.